Feel Serbia and its beauties

Meet the country of Nicola Tesla, Novak Djokovic, friendly people, great history and the best night life in this part of Europe – Feel Serbia

EAST SERBIA- between reality and legend

Meet and feel Eastern Serbia through its breathtaking nature and magical stories about healing water, special places where you can literally breathe the health. If you are interested in the local legends and myths, you are in the right place because this area is full of such stories.  In the distance of just 120 km from Belgrade, you are welcome not just enjoy the unique touristic offer, but to feel like a local tasting amazing domestic Serbian food, gathering with friendly Serbian people in small local restaurants. A special place in eastern Serbia is for sure its monument of nature called ‘Krupajsko Vrelo’. Feel the ethno tourism in a very intact nature totally without a network, refresh yourself in just a few hours. You can feel the beauty of nature just if you become one with it and let it regenerate every single part of your body and soul. Eastern Serbia offers many other places worth of visit and enjoy. Don’t miss the pearls of Eastern Serbia: Djerdap Gorge, Lepenski Vir (Paleolithic Site), Felix Romuliana, Golubac castle, and many other unique places. The city of Pirot is famous for domestic food which applies for an aphrodisiac, so where is a need there is no long distance 🙂 You can choose one of the transfer tours from Belgrade Airport to reach to some of these incredible destinations.

WEST SERBIA village householders offer a comfortable stay in an ethno, wooden houses

visiting this part of Serbia, you can also enjoy an active vacation. So you can choose a paragliding, skiing (by winter) mountain climbing or rafting. Beauties of pure nature are fulfilled by food specialties– don’t miss to try famous prsuta and uzicka lepinja. Besides of two ethnic parks: Sirogojno and Drvengrad, you will be delighted by the pure nature and energy of  Zlatar mountain and Uvac river.  Zaovine lake will ensure you that fare-tales exist. A local accommodation (which makes you feel the real rhythm of life here) above the lake, will offer you incredible view and unforgettable taste of air. One of the most famous mountains visited by families with children is Zlatibor, where you can find both ethnic and urban way of vacation. Use some of the transfer tours offers to reach the desired destination.

NORTH SERBIA – when you think of freedom, you go on EXIT- the best festival in Europe

This is not the only way to have fun in this part of beautiful Serbia in the city of Novi Sad (in just 100 km from Belgrade). There are and ways to have a vacation to remember in Northern Serbia.  Deliblatska pescara– sandstone is the last desert in Europe also called European Sahara. Try the experience of dancing sand and make the incredible memories. This place is so special that you can find even 900 species of plants. If you come in spring, you will be able to see 20 different species of orchids.  The inevitable place also is Fruska Gora mountain with 35 orthodox monasteries which also stands for a national park. Easy and comfortable, use our transfer tour from the Airport of Belgrade.

SOUTH SERBIA- a crossroad of the Balkans 

The city of Nis (237 km from Belgrade) in Southern Serbia applies to a crossroad of the whole Balkans. NASA discovered the cosmic gate near Nis where the waves pass 100 times faster from the Earth to the cosmos and this makes this area healing. Here you can visit maybe one of the most specific places, one of the candidates for 7 world wonders- Djavolja varos. – Devil’s town, a rare natural phenomenon is a stone formation. A legend says that they present the wedding guests who on devil’s order wanted to marry brother and sister. Believe in legends or not, this place will make you thrilled and your vacation unforgettable and special. You may not visit southern Serbia without trying the best barbecue and hot paprika, the food which this region is famous for. You will be also fond of if you chose some other places to visit in Southern Serbia such as are: Vranje, Vlasina lake, Stara mountain, beautiful rivers and other places that will make repeat this journey and visit Serbia not just once. A transfer tour is available from the airport of Belgrade or you can simply land on the airport of Nis.

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